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     Osaka is the second largest city in Japan where you will be fascinated its unique scenery. Kita is the northern business part of this highly developed town, while Minami, the southern part, is known for its bustling entertainment centers which blaze at night with neon lights. Tennoji area will give you the atmosphere of downtown Osaka. And Osaka-jo Castle area is famous for its historical sites. Nakano-shima, on the other hand, is a small westernized island.
     Although its history stretches back about 1,500 years, Osaka first gained prominence when Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the most powerful lord in the land, built Japan's most magnificent castle here in the 16th century. To develop resources for his castle town, he persuaded merchants from other parts of the nation to resettle in Osaka. During the Edo Period, the city became an important distribution center as feudal lords from the surrounding region sent their rice to merchants in Osaka, who in turn sent the rice onward to Tokyo and other cities. As the merchants prospered, the town grew and such arts as Kabuki and Bunraku flourished. With money and leisure to spare, the merchants also developed a refined taste for food.
Nowadays, Osaka, capital of Osaka Prefecture on the southern coast of western Honshu, is an industrial city with a population of about 2.6 million, making it the third most-populated city in Japan (after Tokyo and Yokohama). The legacy of the city's commercial beginnings is still present--Osakans are usually characterized as being outgoing and clever at money affairs. An Osakan greeting is "Are you making any money?" Osaka has a reputation throughout Japan as an international and progressive business center and is known for its food, castle, port, and Bunraku puppet theater. Because of its international airport, it serves as a major gateway to the rest of Japan.
Budget to Luxury Osaka Hotels Online Reservations - Travel Information on Japan, Osaka City

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Osaka Hotels
  ANA Gate Tower Hotel   Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel / Close to station  
  ANA Hotel Osaka   Osaka Nikko Hotel / City Center  
  ARK Hotel Osaka   Osaka Riva Nankai Hotel  
  Hotel Granvia Osaka / City Center   Osaka Rihga Royal Hotel / Downtown "Special"  
  Hotel Hanshin Osaka   Osaka Tokyu Hotel / City Center  
  Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport / Airport Kansai   Osaka Tokyu Inn Hotel  
  Hotel Sunroute Umeda Hotel Osaka   Osaka Toyo Hotel / City Center  
  Hyatt Regency Osaka   Ramada Kansai International Airport  
  Imperial Hotel Osaka   Rihga Grand Hotel Osaka "Special"  
  Mitsui Urban Hotel Osaka   Sakai Rihga Royal  
  New Hankyu Hotel / City Center "Special"   Tennoji Miyako Hotel  
  New Otani Osaka Hotel / Downtown   Where to stay in Osaka  
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